A new year and a new Collection! 01/01/23

Happy New Year folks! I hope you all had a lovely happy & peaceful Christmas.

I love January, I always think a new year is a fresh start and very exciting for what’s to come.

ADAPTAFASHION has a lot of exciting plans coming In 2023. We launched our new collection just before Christmas, which had a fantastic response. I am vey excited about this collection as a lot of work and care had gone into designing it for a new demographic, ensuring that both fashion and function were featured and carried through  in each piece.

We also announced the wonderful Nikki Bradley as one of our Brand Ambassadors, this lady is one of the most inspirational ladies that I have had the pleasure to meet with ADAPTAFASHION, we have lots of exciting things in store together.

                 Nikki and Sarah


 Loungewear has become a staple in nearly every wardrobe these days, regardless of age or sex. Everyone loves it as it is fashionable and comfortable.

With our joggers I wanted to ensure style and comfort, the fabric is a soft heavy fabric with an elasticated waistband. On both hips there are Velcro tabs, with the front panel dropping down and reattaching to the Velcro tabs. These subtle adaptations enable easier dressing for a range of needs- post stroke, arthritis, dementia, wheelchair users, limited mobility, and prosthetics. On each ankle there are smaller Velcro tabs allowing more space for larger limbs and easier movements, but also each piece can be worn by able bodied and disabled individuals making them inclusive and providing Independence, which I feel is especially important.

              Grey Joggers    Grey Joggers with Velcro adaptions on ankle


Next up is our Sweatshirts, these are a lovely heavy material which feature Velcro tabs on each shoulder, this gives easier access and more freedom with movement when getting dressed and undressed Independently, they also make dressing easier for carer's.

                                 Grey Sweatshirt with Velcro


Last but not least is our new t-shirts, we went with both  a Velcro and magnetic adaptions, the reason being is that I personally love both and feel they both bring benefits to the user. The only difference is personal preference from the user. With all our products it is advised to close both Velcro and magnetic tabs to ensure durability of the products. It is also advised not to wear magnetic items if wearing a pacemaker (please talk to your GP)

On each shoulder there are Velcro or magnetic tabs these open and close very smoothly, while providing a function they are also subtle. Both t-shirts are perfect for limited hand mobility and restricted movements.

                         Pink T-shirt with magnetsWhite t-shirt with Velcro

You may notice that our branding is quite subtle on all our products, the reason being I didn’t want branding to take away from the products. I wanted the logo to be clean, crisp and subtle.


The response has been great since the launch, I was really excited about this launch as I feel there Is more me involved and carried through the clothing, as I love loungewear, I find it is vey versatile and can easily dress a pair of joggers and white t-shirt with a blazer! Having the choice to wear what you like is such a basic want, as mentioned in my precious blog I do think society has massively evolved with fashion for disabilities or any additional needs, but the choice is still not as available as much as it should be.

There are many things out of our control in life, some we need to accept and some we don’t, I feel the choice for adaptable clothing is something that can most definitely be achieved.

Stay tuned over the next few months, we have lots coming up!

Thanks for reading! Sarah x