ADAPTAFASHION – Post Stoke Survivors

Hi Folks,

I hope everyone is keeping well and getting excited for the run up to Christmas.

I realize this is my first ever blog, I am by no means a writer, but I thought I would give it a go and talk about topics that I have a lot of interest in.

The topic I will be writing about today is Adaptable Clothing for post-stroke survivors. I have had a lot of interest in this recently. I had the pleasure of being asked to a talk explaining the products that ADAPTAFASHION provides and how there would benefit post-stroke survivors.

For some reading this, they may not know what ADAPTAFASHION is, so ill include a short introduction below.

I have worked in the health sector for over ten years is many different areas including the aged care, hospitals and disability sector, over the years I have seen the struggle both individuals and caregivers  face when it comes to their clothing choices and their lack of choice within this area. ADAPTAFASHION will provide not only functional but fashionable clothing for males & females, by giving individuals clothing options without having to compromise on style, it will in turn bring a sense of confidence, empowerment, individuality, and expression our aim is to provide fashionable and functional clothing with no compromise to their style.

For post stroke survivors dressing can be quite a challenge due to several reasons. Having the choice of adaptive clothing could be life changing for some people. We take getting dressed for granted, but until faced with the situation ourselves we do not realise how difficult zips and buttons can be for anyone with limited mobility especially their hand mobility. We replace these buttons and zips with Velcro and magnets, ensuring less hassle and stress for the individual or caregiver with these adaptions not only do they serve a function but also are fashionable, all adaptions are discreet which is important in our designs as our aim to provide inclusive fashionable and functionable clothing, why shouldn’t this option be available? We want to remove the stigma related to adaptable clothing which isn’t always age appropriate to the individual.


I get frustrated at the lack of choice available on the market for anyone with additional needs. We have quite a selection of choice for other ranges such as petite, tall, plus and maternity, each of these ranges provide one thing in common; they provide choice, yet- we still do not provide adaptive ranges automatically taking away that choice. So why do we not have mainstream adaptive ranges?

In recent years the fashion industry and larger companies have significantly improved and is recognizing the need for adaptive lines for disabilities and additional needs much more by creating adaptive lines, however we still have a long way to go to creating an inclusive fashion world.

Thanks for reading folks, any suggestions and feedback is always welcome.